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Trivia Crack Kingdoms Categories Of Hurricanes

Trivia Crack Kingdoms Categories Of Hurricanes

trivia crack kingdoms categories of hurricanes


Trivia Crack Kingdoms Categories Of Hurricanes >>






















































Continue reading . Whether you're looking to escape a dungeon or crush that piece of candy - we have the answers. Continue reading . AppCheaters is not affiliated with the applications mentioned on this site. You dont have to write the entire question: learn to select the important part! For example, if you get a question like: What does Valar Dohaeris mean in Game of Thrones? you dont have to write the entire question. The Great Bear Lake in Canada is in the basin of what river? January 12, 2015 No Comments yet Posted in: Trivia crack answers Question: The Great Bear Lake in Canada is in the basin of what river? Options: The Columbia River The McKenzie River The Churchill River The Nelson River Correct answer: The McKenzie River More games: emoji quiz, trivia crack answers. If you get an incorrect response, the double opportunity power-up permits you to address once more. Its a win-win situation for sure! 4. What sport is it? Answer: Badminton Question: Whats the fastest swimming style? Answer: Front crawl Question: Whose quotes is fly like a butterfly sting like a bee? Answer: Muhammad Ali Question: In 2009, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt publicized the efforts for Kenyas conversation adopting a cub called Lightning Bolt. We dont forget? Answer: Anonymous Question: Who said I have a dream? Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr Question: Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. Your best bet is to study up on History topics so that you can become a Trivia Crack whiz. Which of the Following ones is not one of them? Answer: The Netherlands Question: Which country is not an island? Answer: Germany Question: What are the colors in the flag of France? Answer: Blue, white and red Question: Where can you find the largest flower, Rafflesia? Answer: Malaysia Question: Where is the Canaima Jungle? Answer: Venezuela Question: What Chilean city is famous because of its elevators? Answer: Valparaiso Question: The Amstel flows through which European city? Answer: Amsterdam Question: What colors is the flag of Bolivia? Answer: Red, yellow and green Question: What element does Argentina owe its name to? Answer: Silver Question: What countries border Venezuela? Answer: Colombia, Brazil and Guyana Question: What is the name of the Canal that connects the Atlantic and the Pacific? Answer: Panama Canal Question: Taiwan is also known as? Answer: Formosa island Question: Which of the following countries does NOT have red in its flag? Answer: Saudi Arabia Question: What animals are depicted on Mexicos national flag? Answer: An eagle and a snake Question: The Middle passage took place over which ocean? Answer: Atlantic Ocean Question: Unsurprisingly, what countrys official animal is the panda? Answer: China Question: What is the name of the island where Napoleon was born? Answer: Corsica Question: What is the name of the largest rodent species found in South America? Answer: Capybara Question: Managua is the capital of which country? Answer: Nicaragua Question: Which is the most populated city in China? Answer: Shanghai Question: What colors did the Libyan flag have before their civil war in 2011? Answer: Green Question: Where is the oldest subway located? Answer: London Question: Togo is located in what continent? Answer: The African continent Question: Which continent are the Philippines located in? Answer: The Asian continent Question: How is the ancient Ottoman Empire called today? Answer: Turkey Question: Which of these is NOT one of the New Wonders of the World? Answer: Eiffel Tower (France) Question: Which of the following volcanoes is not located in Africa? Answer: Stromboli Volcano Question: What country has the most of the gas and petrol? Answer: Saudi Arabia Question: Whats the official language in Uruguay? Answer: Spanish Question: Which is the most populated city in the world? Answer: Tokyo Question: IE is the international code for which country? Answer: Ireland Question: Which is the most northeasterly country on the mainland of Africa? Answer: Egypt Question: What is the imaginary line that divides the Earths surface into the Northern and Southern Hemispheres? Answer: Equator Question: What is the continental block formed by Europe and Asia? Answer: Eurasia Question: When is it summer in Southern hemisphere? Answer: December to March Question: Which is the capital of Angola? Answer: Luanda Question: Which is the largest city of South America? Answer: Sao Paulo Question: What is the real name of the Japanese Cat Island, famous for its huge cat population? Answer: Tashirojima Question: Where is Ethiopia located? Answer: Eastern Africa Question: Whats the international code for Cuba? Answer: CU Question: Whats the capital of Bahamas? Answer: Nassau Question: What ocean is to the East of the United States? Answer: Atlantic Ocean Question: In which of the following countries there is NO desert? Answer: Germany March 31, 2015 by Kristian De Michelis Categories: Game Answers Taggs: Trivia Crack all Answers Trivia Crack All categories answers Trivia Crack Answers Previous Post: REBUS Absurd Logic Game Answers Level 16 Next Post: What Restaurant Answers Levels 1-25 Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Dunlop invent? The tire Where did the Bloody Sunday of 1905 take place? Russia ln Greek mythology which goddess is Zeus's wife? Hera What kind of material was the Declaration of independence made of? Hemp What was Henry Ford's profession? Entrepreneur What was the last European city visited by John F. They love to throw questions your way, 1 or 2 at a time, to see just how much you know about the world! The Guides You'll recognize these familiar faces from the world of Trivia Crack! Al, Tina, and Tito are here to help you search for the crowns in every nook and cranny of the kingdom..


All the characters will challenge you, and the King and Queen will reward you with a crown. Continue reading . Best App Ever Awards. What is his stage name? Johnny Knoxville Who played the song Run To the Hills? Iron Maiden To what famous singer is rapper Jay-Z married? Beyonce Which social network has a little blue bird as its logo? Twitter What did Jack Nicholson play in the film "Prizzi's Honour"? Mafia Hitman What is the name of the princess in the movie "The Princess Diaries"? Mia What is the character named Manny in the movie "The lce Age"? A Mammoth How many books does the novel "A Series of Unfortunate Events" have? 13 Who is the lonesome robot in Pixar's animated film with the same title? Wall-E Who is Mario's companion in Super Mario Bros? Luigi Who played the song "Masters of Puppets"? Metallica In the movie "High School Musical" who does Vanesa Hudgens play the role of? Gabriella Montez What band released the song "Wild Horses"? Guns N Roses What's the name of the worlds most famous web to watch any videos? YouTube Which of these films didn"t include Johnny Depp in its cast? Silence of the lambs What color is the Little Mermaids tail? Green Who kills Darth Maul in the Star Wars series? Obi Wan Kenobi Everyone has it but no one can lose it, what is it? Shadow What power does Jake, the dog from Adventure Time, have? Change the shape of its body What do Shania Twain, Nelly Furtado, Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morisette have in common? They're Canadian Singers Coolio adapted the song by Stevie Wonder "Pasttime Paradise" and made another song out of it. Search . Required fields are marked *Comment Name * Email * Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Continue reading . comments powered by Disqus All Systems 3DO Amiga Android Arcade Atari 2600 Atari 5200 Atari 7800 Blu-ray C64 CD-i Colecovision Dreamcast DVD Video Facebook Game Gear Game.Com Gameboy Gameb. If you come across him in your search, he will help you by slicing through two wrong answers Stphang A classy, refined gentleman with a touch of biting humor. iPad Qualityindex. 9f2d7f2b5e

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